What you and Mako are doing is so inspirational and important. I feel like I have become so much more open minded even in the few times I have visited your salon, and met people I would never have met before. It’s been a privilege.
Charlotte, BBC producer

I just wanted to thank you so much for cutting Tilly’s hair last week.  It meant so much more than a hair cut, she felt so good and confident at your establishment. She is massively enthused and felt very at home.

Tilly's mum

Hey Klara! Just a warning that you better sharpen your shears before I eventually get to have my haircut in September! It’s ridiculous. I have a serious FOOB  (fear of other barbers)  now, you’re the only one I will let touch my hair!  

I just wanted to let you know that I’m having the best hair day I’ve had in ages! I love this cut and will be rocking it for a while I think.
Curly haired fashion chick

It is not like I believe in magic or miracles but there is something fairylike about Klara. She uses her scissors as a sorceress swings her magic wand. Just few swift moves and a lightly touch, and voila, you are transformed into a prince or princess. Apart of Klara’s profound level of expertise, she is an amazing person, who will make you feel special about yourself and your life. I always look forward to seeing her again,
Super satisfied, happy and faithful customer, Ondrej, London

Hi Klara, we met today, Friday. I just wanted to say that YOU ARE A GENIUS!
I love my haircut and, more importantly, my partner loves it. First time ever! I thought you should know. You have made history.

Caro, London

Hey! I’m super super super happy with what you did with my hair today Just wanted to tell you this, you rock! :))))
Eleni - London

Just wanted to say thanks so much for the amazing hair cut, I’ve had so many compliments on it today! It feels really good to get rid of the housewife hair and get back to an edgy style.
Lauren - London

It was great meeting you yesterday – you’re amazing, and did a fantastic job with my hair – I love it!
Sam - London

I’m really going to miss you and your amazing skills. I don’t think I’ll find a stylist nearly as good as you here! Hopefully ill visit London soon and ill pop in to say hi.
Mark, London - South Africa

“A good haircut…allows me to connect to my emotional self…”


“I always trust Klara to understand the kind of style I’m looking for, and realise it impeccably. Since “going short” I’ve become a regular on her chair, always looking forward to the next session, the next style”
Tania, London

“Klara is the first person to make me feel comfortable in a hairdressers. Literally the first person. I don’t like bright lights, sneery folk or looking at myself in the mirror so have avoided the experience by cutting my own hair. After Friday I’m happy to go to Klara for a haircut every time I need one and will continue to do so as long as she’ll have me. She is also a hair architect of the highest order and made me look awesome. ”
Hope, London

“I felt comfortable and trusting towards you, something people generally have to gain from me because I never give it easy. However I felt like you have passion in your work you know what you are doing and have great creation. You see hair as art as beauty and I appreciate that. I don’t think you need to improve just carry on being yourself and doing what you are doing keep progressing to fulfill maximum potential.”
Jessie, Manchester

“I travel from the other side of London to get my hair cut by Klara – at last I’ve found someone who I can always trust to give me a flattering haircut that is much cooler than I deserve”.
Barbara, London

“I have every faith in your abilities and talent and I trust you with my hair! Thank you for always cutting it so well I hardly need to put any effort into styling it”.
Beth, London