Terms and conditions

Please take the time to read through our terms and conditions below. These are for everyone benefit and to ensure our service runs as smoothly as possible for you.

Booksy - online booking system

Any issues with the booking system, please use the HELP button on your Booksy App or email support.gb@booksy.net for assistance. .

Leaving Notes on Booksy system

Please avoid putting vital info about your appointment - eg. change, cancelling, editing a service, colour in the appointment notes on Booksy

For these, please email us well in advance to either info(at)barberette.co.uk or barberettecolours(at)gmail.com

Booking your appointment from abroad?

Booksy system detects your location and switches the server for the country's server they are currently in.

There are two ways to resolve it:

Booking via the website - open the page on a computer and manually switch the address from for example /fr-fr (french) to /en-gb.

Booking via your Booksy App - go to the login page, tapping and holding Booksy logo for around 3 seconds, then swipe to the right. Then tap "Choose API of the country" and choose gb.



As you know we are a small business in a small space and because of this we do not have a full time receptionist. This is one of the ways we keep our prices down. If you would like a colour there are two simple options for you.


NB : Please note that unfortunately we do not do LONG HAIR colouring anymore. If you have long hair and used to get your hair coloured by Mako please get in touch barberettecolours(at)gmail.com



Please always email us on:  barberettecolours(at)gmail.com  asking for the same again (please describe) and add your phone number and availability, with at least two weeks notice and Mako will get back to you as soon as she is able to discuss your requirements and book you a slot*. You cannot book colour appointments directly online.

*If you are a returning client but would like a different colour please refer to FIRST COLOURING AT BARBERETTE OR RETURNING CLIENT FOR A DIFFERENT COLOURING.

In the event that you wish to cancel a colour appointment, please do so on Booksy and email us to let us know with as much notice as possible.



Please go to - Book - and select Colour Consultations - NEW clients.

This will offer you a fifteen minute slot at £7 during which we can discuss your requirements, do all tests, go through a consultation sheet and give you a price and book your colour appointment. You cannot book colour appointments directly online.

Update: Due to a no-shows for colouring appointments, we will now charge a cash deposit of £50 upon a consultation, which will be then deducted from your service price.


Cancellations and late arrivals

If you wish to CANCEL or RESCHEDULE up to 10 HOURS prior your appointment, please do so via the link in your Confirmation Email.

You will not be charged.

Please do not try to cancel appointments more than 10 hours in advance by email, phone, text, or by leaving notes on the booking system as these methods are not valid and you may still be liable to pay for the service. You can only cancel via the link in your Confirmation Email.

WITHIN the 10 hours - 100% CHARGE (unless your slot is filled by another client) If you wish to cancel your appointment WITHIN 10 hours of the start time, you will be charged 100% of the service price. Failure to arrive for your appointment, or arriving more than 15 minutes late without notifying us, will also result in a 100% charge. The payment details will be sent to you via email to proceed within 7 days or we will reserve the right to cancel future appointments.

Exception: Contact us on 07522 873333 (opening hours only) with as much notice as possible and another client may be willing to fill your slot. If your appointment is filled, you will not be charged. Strictly – no emails, texts on our personal numbers, or Facebook messages as we don’t access them while working.

In summary:


CANCEL or RESCHEDULE on Booksy up to 10 HOURS prior to your appointment. Please do so via the link in your Confirmation Email - NO CHARGE

WITHIN the 10 hours - 100% CHARGE (unless your slot is filled by another client)

For missed colouring appointment you will be charged for the duration of the time blocked for your service.