Terms and conditions

Welcome to Barberette!  First time visiting? Don't panic! By booking with us you agree to our Terms and Conditions so here are a few things you should know before booking :



Barberette is a gender neutral hub. Gender neutral means we look after our clients regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity, religion, physical or mental health situation or budget. Everyone is charged the same for the service they choose. More about Barberette


Prices and services  

Gender neutral. Currently cash only. Our prices 



As we are based in a warehouse off street, please watch our video 0:22  https://youtu.be/s_7y_p3ibCY to make sure you find us easily.



All appointments are booked only via our Booking System Booksy.

For a first visit we recommend that you book the New Look, even if you are looking for just a trim of your current hairstyle. This will allow your stylist to do a thorough consultation, cut and style your hair, explain the different services and recommend the right one for your next visit. Book Now

Booking from abroad :  Booksy detects your location and switches the server to the country's server you are currently in. There are two ways to resolve it :

1 - Booking via the website : open the page on a computer and manually switch the address from for example /fr-fr (french) to /en-gb.

2 - Book via your Booksy App : go to the login page, tap and hold Booksy logo for about 3 seconds, then swipe to the right. Tap "Choose API of the country" and choose GB.

Confirmation email / reminder :  You should receive a confirmation email when you book and a reminder 24 hours prior the appointment. If not, please double check the email address used is correct and contact Booksy for help. If you don't get our emails it may cause you to miss important information regarding your bookings. Please do not unsubscribe from our mailing list for the same reason. We understand no one particularly likes promotional emails but we send out just a few each year with only important information and great news like clients’ parties so don’t miss out! 


Late arrivals, cancellations and rescheduling 

Please let us know before the beginning of the service if you are running late. The phone number is at the bottom of your confirmation email/reminder. Your appointment will be maintained, however to be fair to the next client it will have to be done in the time remaining. 

Cancellation is available up to 10 hours prior to your appointment. The link is in your confirmation email / reminder. You will not be charged.

Please note, although it is still possible to cancel or reschedule your appointment through Booksy within 10 hours, this is an external system, not run by Barberette. By booking with us you agree to respect our policy. We are an off street shop and cannot fill missed appointments, so any missed appointments or appointments cancelled within 10 hours will be charged 100% of the price (unless the slot is filled by another client). Any missed colouring service will be charged for the duration of the service.


Contacting Barberette

As an off-street, reception-less hub with fully booked stylists, replying to email enquiries can take up to a week. Please make sure the information you’re seeking isn’t already available on our website before contacting us. If you aren’t sure we are the right place for you or have any hair related inquiries, please note you are very welcome to book in for a consultation only, we promise a good chat without any commitment from you! 

You should now be all set for your new experience at Barberette. We hope to see you soon in our lovely inclusive hub.

Best from the whole Barberette team!