About Barberette

A barbershop that opens its doors to anyone? Male, female or other, you are welcome here and you will all pay the same for our services, regardless of your gender.

Klára Váňová set up Barberette in London, UK, 2012 where she continues to fight against gender inequality and pay at hair salons and barbers with support of the UK’s media.

In 2017 Barberette will be expanding and opening another shop, this time in Prague.

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What to expect

We specialise in short cuts and cater for all types of hair (European, Afro, Asian, Latino) and offering standard barber services, however we aren’t restricted to short hair and can also trim long hair. 

You should leave the shop feeling great and with a cut that portrays your personality and we strive to do our best to achieve that. We do not impose our own idea of what you should have on your head or how your beard should be adjusted but are here for advice if you want it, just ask!  We want you to feel great and be who you are. We’re here for everyone and always ready to advise if requested.     

Barberette & Lush

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Who is Barberette?

Klára Váňová

“I grew up under my mums hairdressing legs but decided to take a bit a rebellious turn to our family tradition. I always liked how such a simple thing as a visit hairdressers could have an impact on our moods. 

But what about the stereotypes associated with it? In Barberette, everything begins with equal pricing and individual approach.  I like to build my work on the personalities of my customers. Everyone can be who they want to be and how they want to look. Barberette is where you can be yourself.”


NVQ at the College of North East London 2011
Apprenticeship with MK Hair Studio and Academy, London 2011

Hair Shows:
London Salon International 2016, 2017
Master Barbers 2016 , United Kingdom
Barberette is a proud Member of the Good Barbers Guide, United Kingdom