29th Exhibition - Paul Bartolo

Paul Bartolo is an English artist with Maltese family on his Fathers side.

Originally from Woolwich, South London, he is now based in Essex and although had ceased drawing, painting and sculpting some twenty years ago has now resumed his works after being inspired by Klara and her wonderful Hackney Hub.
  Paul has enjoyed his recent bout of work and wishes to continue evolving and developing using material funded by the sale of his current projects.
  He sincerely hopes that people enjoy his work and wishes to show more @ Barberettte soon.



Inspiration talk to Project-Indigo - Hackney LGBT Youth Group

Collaboration with @project_indigo who runs weekly program for LGBT Youth in Hackney at the Off Centre.

I was invited by lovely Susy, who runs this sessions, to talk about Barberette, being an immigrant, gender neutral pricing in mainstream salons and that following your dreams is worth doing, entire possible and self funded, if you add the hard work.

I left inspired myself by the group and somehow richer. Thank you for having me.