My Brexit story

Membership of the EU enabled me to move here from Czech Republic and to set up the pioneering Barberette - a lynchpin of the LGBTQI community.

It’s heartbreaking that other young European entrepreneurs will not now have that opportunity.

Feeling sad seeing some people telling Europeans to go home after the Brexit vote, I asked Toni, my client and friend, what she thinks I brought to the UK when I moved here 13 years ago.

Here is her story:

Toni Hannan
I stumbled across Barberette a few years back. Previously I was a regular client at a Toni & Guy salon and got along well with my hairdresser; but I could never help feeling that the cut was never quite consistent - in fact now I look back I think the whole client/ stylist relationship was very one sided. I trusted her with my hair (which is a very personal thing and a visible expression of ones personality) but I feel she saw just another job and potential tip.
Thats when I stumbled across Klara and her unique salon. I first visited Barberette a few years back now, and I keep coming back for a variety of reasons.
Firstly Klara delivers a top notch cut. She takes pride, time and care in getting the cut looking super sharp, something which was severely lacking in my high street cut. She is such a perfectionist- you see her swivelling the chair to examine every angle of the cut and adjusting where necessary until it’s perfect. 
Secondly I'm amazed by her abundant achievements. Whether it be creating a styling range of ‘Barberette’ branded products or collaborating with other local businesses to cross promote talent. She has also helped to raise LGBT related issues on a larger platform such as her collaboration with the BBC telling LGBT stories and peoples connection with identity through hair, to name just a few.
Thirdly Barberette has created a network and a social hub within the LGBT community. It’s a real hive of activity! When you come to the Barberette salon you are always guaranteed to meet new faces, hear of new upcoming events, or even be recruited into participating into something new and exciting. I even found myself once donning a 1920’s outfit for a themed photoshoot on gender neutral hair for a magazine. Whatever it is it’s always exciting and looking to push peoples static and stayed opinions with alternative ideas.
I’m amazed by the achievements of Klara and what she has achieved with the Barberette brand. She has managed to establish a viable business in a foreign country, that employs people and contributes to our socio and economic economy. She cross networks with other small local businesses to help push and promote local talent, simultaneously she manages to create a creative and social haven for the LGBT community to come together. Every bit of the Barberette approach is personal. It’s about touching people and helping people to express themselves - Not something you get from a mere high street cut.