36th Exhibition - Drawing the Star, by artists making drawings at this local weekly life drawing group

Everyone draws their own way! 

There are as many different ways to draw as there are different people drawing with us at Drawing the Star, and everyone creates something unique and inspiring with every single mark they make on paper - just the act of trying your hand is inspiring in itself.

Perhaps the impressive range of approaches to drawing is why people who draw with us have been so humble in coming forward to show their drawings as part of our very first exhibition...

Talk of an exhibition has been in the air at Drawing the Star for the last year, and we were thrilled to be offered the space at brilliant Barberette's and excited to finally get some of the incredible drawings made up for more people to see.

We began drawing at The Star by Hackney Downs in February 2015 with the aim of getting everyone to see how enjoyable drawing can be. 

All are welcome at our drawing boards, beginners and long-term lovers of drawing alike, and the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable in the bright warm room upstairs at our Hackney local.

Each session starts with lots of short poses to get drawing hands warmed up, then we have some longer poses, a good break in the middle, then take votes and requests for pose timings during our last half hour of drawing time.

At the end of our drawing time we put out the drawings we've made to see what each other have created. 

It is always incredible to see the range of drawing styles from different people, and this "share-and-see" part of the session is especially good for people new to drawing, or for anyone looking for a bit of inspiration. 

Looking at how people have made their work and sharing what worked well helps everybody, and there are always some drawings which are absolutely astounding.

By sharing and seeing, and by trying new materials and methods - we have a big range of drawing materials so it's easy to try something new - several people who began drawing with us have since found their own unique way of drawing.


At this level they can and should consider themselves to be artists. Time and effort has gone into building the skills to be able to sit down and create drawings which are truly wonderful to look at.

And yet... Even the most accomplished of drawers hesitate to call themselves artists, to put a value on their work and to show it to others.

This exhibition provides the key to unlock that view of a person who makes drawings sometimes, into an artist whose work has value which deserves to be seen. 

The brilliant Barberette show features the work of 2 artists at a time, for 2 weeks at a time. Enquiries about drawings you may want to buy can be made directly through the artist or through the group contact for Drawing the Star.

his will be the  last show  of the Summer for us and the drawings up are the subtle, gentle and expressive work of  Rose Lawrence , and the colour-filled strong line work of  Daniel Diaz Monterrubio .  

his will be the last show of the Summer for us and the drawings up are the subtle, gentle and expressive work of Rose Lawrence, and the colour-filled strong line work of Daniel Diaz Monterrubio.


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Drawing the Star

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