34the Exhibition - ARTISTRL


Artistrl is a creative visual artist working with different mediums to create beautiful and visually attractive artworks.


Artistrl was born and raised in an ultra orthodox home in London.  Despite growing up without tv, internet, radio, access to newspapers or magazines, it was her curiosity and determination that led her out of the ‘bubble’ and into the ‘real’ world. Artistrl found solace in the act of painting and drawing and discovered an outlet for the storm inside her.


Artistrl found that she could work across the spectrum, combining different styles and embodying her own culture into her artwork. Most of her inspiration comes from her own life story and from the interactions she has with the people she meets along her artistic journey.








Original Artworks: Sliding scale £150-£400

Prints from £45

Thank you Barberette for the opportunity to showcase my art!

33rd Exhibition - Life drawings by Stephan Fullagar

Throughout December 2016 we are introducing you Stephan Fullagar - a self-taught British/Swiss painter based in Hackney, London.
"Having had little in the way of formal training I have always looked to those painters who have moved me, whether by their painting style, sensitivity or social conscience.
Inspired by Goya, Murillo, Manet, Pissarro and Van Gogh, I mostly paint scenes from Latin America in such a way as to engage the viewer: provoking him to compare what he sees with his own values and way of life.
I often work from photographs taken specifically as reference for paintings. I deliberately try to retain the snapshot effect, but modify colours and composition to fit my purpose. I believe the artist's hand should always be evident in his drawing and brushwork to encourage a greater - more active - response from the viewer."



32nd Exhibition - Remember that one? - lost LGBTQ+ venues - Hanna Demel

Remember that one? -  lost LGBTQ+ venues

This latest project started with the idea that I could make a print of the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, since I have been taking part in the Queer Fayre at the RVT for quite a few years and started selling my cards and prints there, as well as going to other events at the RVT quite regularly. It is also an interesting building, so I made the lino cut. It was very popular at the next fayre and I offered the image to the ‘RVT future’ campaign to use if they wanted to. 
Over the next few months several people suggested I should also do some other lgbtq+ pubs and clubs, especially ones that were threatened with closure or have been closed.
I am really happy that it is turning into a sort of community history project, with people remembering and suggesting more and more venues that I could make prints of. I want to focus especially on venues and spaces that have fallen victim to rising property prices, ‘regeneration’ and gentrification, pushing our communities out of the cities, and further to the margins.

If you would like to join in with the project, you could write a few sentences about a venue that YOU remember, maybe what you liked about it, an anecdote, etc. on the paper under the pictures. I am planning to do something more with the images, and I might also include people’s contributions, so please put your name, if you don’t mind.

I hope you enjoy looking at the prints and maybe remembering good nights out.

About me and print making
After learning how to do lino cuts at school, I went back to printing on and off over the years, but really re-discovered it for myself a few years ago making a lino cut from an image taken from a friend’s holiday snap of children sitting on the beach. Since then I have been doing commissioned cuts from other photographs, as well as many of my own prints from images I collect when I am out and about.


Pricing update, new booking system, newsletter

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Rose, Mako and Klara

31st Exhibition - Mr. Von Hugo

...the more I thought about the images the more I felt I need to do something with the images otherwise it was just a bit of a history show and not an art show.

So I have started to rework them keeping all the nostalgic charm and cheek but make them something more contemporary.  

I think they are cooler and more contemporary and a bit more hip with a slight sense of heritage, just like Barberette.

Martin Vintner-Jackson


Password - Barberette clients and residents party - Saturday 3rd September 2016

Barberette clients party




THIS SATURDAY 3rd September 2016, from 9pm-3am at Barberette


We’d love you to join us



Please bring your own drink, we won’t be selling alcohol here, and cash for the raffle with some amazing prizes (see below)

Join us for a night of celebration with music by Johanna Paronuzzi (DJ at Transister and Sketch The Parlour), Stand-up Comedy by Rita Suszek and Burlesque by Effie Descent. There will also be a  Fine Art Photo Booth by Niamh Murray throughout the evening, a ice-breaker sticker game and following last years popularity, the Barberette Raffle in aid of Diversity Role Models (£1.50 per ticket)



Prizes include; 
58 Gin
Polaroid Camera
Three Haircuts
Art prints of a Bowie portrait
A dance lesson with Rachel Sparks
Tempting Failure exhibition photo
Barberette mugs
Lamp from Positively Serene Lamps
Red wine and much more….


Do you have something to donate? If so please email us by 2nd September. Don't forget, all money goes to the great charity      Diversity Role Models.






9pm start

Stickers game throughout the night

Photo Booth throughout the night by Niamh Murray

9.45pm - Rita Suszek - Stand up performance

10.15pm - 11pm: Raffle call out

11.05pm: Rita Suszek - Stand up performance

Midnight: Burlesque by Effie Vescent - ‘the more you give, the more she shows’ all donated to our chosen charity Diversity Role Models

12.15am to closing: Music by Johanna Paronuzzi (DJ at Transister and Sketch The Parlour) This is a playlist set, no requests.https://soundcloud.com/johanna-paronuzzi/paron-mix-def




Yours Klara, Mako and Rose



IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: We do want to celebrate but please bear in mind that although it’s a warehouse, this will not the classic mash-up warehouse party, but a friendly and easy-going client’s party. We still need to respect our neighbours and people at the studios. The studio landlord has agreed to this as he knows how civil Barberette parties are and how it brings together an amazing mix of people.