34the Exhibition - ARTISTRL


Artistrl is a creative visual artist working with different mediums to create beautiful and visually attractive artworks.


Artistrl was born and raised in an ultra orthodox home in London.  Despite growing up without tv, internet, radio, access to newspapers or magazines, it was her curiosity and determination that led her out of the ‘bubble’ and into the ‘real’ world. Artistrl found solace in the act of painting and drawing and discovered an outlet for the storm inside her.


Artistrl found that she could work across the spectrum, combining different styles and embodying her own culture into her artwork. Most of her inspiration comes from her own life story and from the interactions she has with the people she meets along her artistic journey.








Original Artworks: Sliding scale £150-£400

Prints from £45

Thank you Barberette for the opportunity to showcase my art!