33rd Exhibition - Life drawings by Stephan Fullagar

Throughout December 2016 we are introducing you Stephan Fullagar - a self-taught British/Swiss painter based in Hackney, London.
"Having had little in the way of formal training I have always looked to those painters who have moved me, whether by their painting style, sensitivity or social conscience.
Inspired by Goya, Murillo, Manet, Pissarro and Van Gogh, I mostly paint scenes from Latin America in such a way as to engage the viewer: provoking him to compare what he sees with his own values and way of life.
I often work from photographs taken specifically as reference for paintings. I deliberately try to retain the snapshot effect, but modify colours and composition to fit my purpose. I believe the artist's hand should always be evident in his drawing and brushwork to encourage a greater - more active - response from the viewer."